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The Facts Change at Contango Oil & Gas

Over the past several months, Contango Oil & Gas Company shareholders have received a steady stream of bad news. Read this article for an update on our investment thesis.

Contango Oil & Gas: Compelling Opportunity for Natural Gas Bulls

In this article, we discuss the investment merits of Contango Oil & Gas, a unique exploration and production company with a compelling risk/reward profile.

Pitfalls in Oil & Gas Accounting

One of the most important task investors face involves identifying distortions in a company’s financial statements which may obscure actual economic performance or distort comparisons with other firms in the same industry. In this article we take a look at some potential pitfalls in accounting for oil and gas companies

Natural Gas Remains Depressed With No End in Sight

Natural gas has remained cheap relative to crude oil for much longer than expected. In this article, we discuss the ongoing depression in the price of natural gas and the implications for industrial users and investors.

Revisiting Noble Corporation Investment Thesis and Importance of Sell Discipline

Over the past eight months, a number of articles have appeared on The Rational Walk related to the Deepwater Horizon disaster and related investment opportunities. Value investors know that times of stress and uncertainty create opportunities in the financial markets whether the turmoil is due to natural disasters, political unrest, or the fallout from accidents such as the Deepwater Horizon incident. In this article we revisit our bullish investment thesis for Noble Corporation and explain our decision to sell shares at the current valuation.

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