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Harness Technology to Stay Informed During Earnings Season

As we move into the height of third quarter earnings season, many investors may feel overwhelmed when it comes to staying on top of earnings announcements for portfolio companies and investment candidates. Without a solid system for keeping abreast of company filings, it is inevitable that you will either miss a report entirely or only read it several days after it is initially released. This is particularly true for smaller companies that are not regularly covered by analysts or major newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal. How can investors confidently stay informed? Read this article for some ideas.

Individual Investors Abandon Stocks; The ‘Death of Equities’ Redux?

Business Week Cover

Throughout the 1990s, mutual funds were marketed to individual investors with stellar ten and fifteen year track records made possible by the record bull market of the 1980s and 1990s. While there were a few notable interruptions, with the 1987 crash being the most obvious, most individual investors learned to “buy the dips” throughout this period. Most large capitalization companies made significant advances in earnings during these years but the expansion in earnings multiples had the effect of turbo charging returns to investors. Of course, this all culminated in the bubble of the late 1990s, but small investors remained optimistic for some time, having been trained to buy the dips for so long. Read this article for more on why investors cannot expect to hide from equity market volatility in fixed income securities, at least not without taking on other types of risk.

Book Review: The Basics of Understanding Financial Statements

Understanding Financial Statements

Mariusz Skonieczny, President of Classic Value Investors has written a concise primer on financial statements that allows the reader to gain a basic understanding of these key financial reports. The e-book is being offered free of charge to readers who subscribe to the Classic Value Investors Blog. Read this article for more details.

Consider Roth IRA Conversion as Hedge Against Higher Taxes

Retirement Count Down

While many of us are still working on our 2009 tax returns, it is never too early to begin planning tax strategies for 2010. 2010 provides an unusual number of opportunities to reposition assets in ways that can minimize taxes for decades to come. One of the more interesting opportunities involves converting traditional IRA assets into a Roth IRA. Read this article for more details.

Catastrophic Health Insurance and HSAs Can Control Costs

Health Costs

This weekend, the House of Representatives will cast votes that could transform the nature of health care in America for decades to come. The debate has been long and contentious and the political “sausage making” has been particularly ugly. Progressives believe that the current proposals do not go far enough while conservatives are concerned that more government involvement in health care will lead to spiraling costs followed by rationing decisions made by government bureaucrats. Is there any common ground that both sides can agree on? Read this article for more details.

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