Ten Years

“Life is divided into three periods: past, present and future. Of these, the present is short, the future is doubtful, the past is certain.” — Seneca Think back to your childhood days. Many people feel like time passed by very slowly

Forum and Comments Discontinued

Dear Readers, The Rational Walk website was again the victim of hackers over the past two days (including during Sunday’s NFL games – this time it’s personal!) resulting in a significant amount of time and effort required to close additional

Website Hacked

Dear Readers, At some point early this afternoon, The Rational Walk was hacked and the main home page was replaced with a hacker’s message.  We apologize to those who were affected by the attack.  Apparently the problem was caused by

Thoughts on Internet Advertising

Many readers who visit this site regularly may have noticed that I have been experimenting with various types of advertisements over the past week.  When I started writing a couple of months ago, generating revenue from the activity was not

Blog Set Up for Dummies

The main purpose of this blog is to write about financial topics and value investment strategies. When I first thought about setting up a blog, naturally I explored a number of free options including wordpress.com and blogger.com (what kind of value investor would I be if I had shelled out cash without looking at the free options…). I ended up going with a paid service for a few reasons. I thought I would share some pointers regarding blog setup from the perspective of someone entirely new to all of this.


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