Book Review: There’s Always Something to Do

“There is always something to do.  You just need to look harder, be creative and a little flexible.” — Irving Kahn One of the interesting aspects of the stock market involves the peculiar attitude many investors have when it comes to reacting

Interesting Reading – February 18, 2017

In this series, we suggest worthwhile reading material on a variety of topics of general interest. Daily Journal Corporation Annual Meeting – February 15, 2017. Charlie Munger spoke for nearly two hours at the Daily Journal annual meeting in Los Angeles.

Revisiting Daily Journal Corporation – Five Years Later

Daily Journal Corporation is a publisher of several small specialty newspapers and information services primarily serving the legal and real estate communities in California and Arizona.  With the company’s traditional business experiencing a steady secular decline in recent years, management

Munger’s Psychology of Human Misjudgment

When making decisions, most of us have mental processes that we tend to follow on a more-or-less automatic basis.  For the most part, these processes have developed over a lifetime and are not explicitly based on following some set of

Book Review: Intelligent Fanatics Project

Is it possible to reliably identify great managers and their companies at an early stage and enjoy compound annual returns of twenty or even thirty percent over many decades?  We recently explored this subject in some detail using Berkshire Hathaway


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