Marty Whitman Reflects on Value Investing and Net-Nets

Despite a snowstorm that caused the absence of several speakers, the Columbia Investment Management Conference in New York today included many interesting presentations and panel discussions. The highlight of the day was the conversation between Columbia Professor Bruce Greenwald and Martin Whitman, Founder and Portfolio Manager of Third Avenue Management. Read this article for more details.

Reader Questions on George Risk

Reader Questions on George Risk

Yesterday’s article on George Risk Industries generated quite a bit of reader interest but due to the recent removal of the comment and forum features, the questions were not posted directly. This article consolidates the reader questions on George Risk and highlights a few additional points of interest. Read this article for more details.

Hurco Companies 10-Q: Warranty Provision Concerns Revisited

Hurco Companies 10-Q:  Warranty Provision Concerns Revisited

Hurco Companies, Inc. released a 10-Q report today which covers the company’s fiscal second quarter ending on April 30, 2009. I covered the initial release of Hurco’s earnings for the quarter in an article last week. In that article, I mentioned some concerns about an unexplained drop in Hurco’s warranty provision in Q1 and the need to closely examine the warranty provisions once the 10-Q for the second quarter is released. Now that we have the 10-Q, let’s take a look at the warranty provision concern. Read the article for more details.

Net Current Asset Value Stocks

Benjamin Graham pioneered a technique that holds a great deal of promise in today’s market. Graham’s concept of identifying bargain issues, or Net-Current-Asset Value Stocks (NCAV), is as relevant today as when he wrote about it in The Intelligent Investor in 1949. This post takes a look at this concept and how it might be applied today.


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