Value Investors Find Fertile Ground in Indian Equities

India’s widely followed SENSEX index is approaching record high territory and many investors are once again looking at this rapidly growing emerging market as a potential source of future profits. With nearly 1.2 billion people, India is home to over seventeen percent of the world’s population and is expected to overtake China’s population in the coming decades. With a vibrant democracy, India’s growth is often less organized when compared to China’s authoritarian system. A recent article in The Economist characterized the rivalry as the “contest of the century” both because of border disputes and the race for economic dominance in Asia. Read this article for more details and a video with a prominent Indian value investor.

Tilson is Bullish on Large Cap Stocks Including J&J, Microsoft and Berkshire

In a wide ranging discussion this morning on CNBC, Whitney Tilson provides his views regarding the overall valuation of large capitalization stocks compared to bonds and comments on several specific companies including Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and Berkshire Hathaway. We highlighted some of Mr. Tilson’s views on Microsoft in a bullish article on the company posted on August 31. To view the video, read the rest of this article.

Deepwater Drilling Ban Continues to Devastate Gulf Coast Economy

The six month moratorium on exploratory deepwater drilling the Gulf of Mexico is continuing to heavily impact the economy of the Gulf Coast. Despite two court rulings, the federal government is continuing to insist on a complete halt to deepwater exploration until the commission appointed by President Obama reports on its findings. The commission report could still be months away. Meanwhile, the impact of the moratorium continues to devastate the Gulf Coast Economy.

French Finance Minister Commits to Austerity Measures to Trim Budget Deficit

In an interview with The Economist, French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde comments on her country’s attempt to trim the budget deficit to 3 percent of GDP by 2013. Ms. Lagarde states that significant austerity measures will be imposed rather than relying on tax increases. In addition to her comments on the fiscal situation in France, Ms. Lagarde comments on the bank stress test results due to be released on Friday.

Wells Fargo’s CFO Reacts to Dodd-Frank Act

In an interview with CNBC this morning, Wells Fargo CFO Howard Atkins comments on the Dodd-Frank Act which President Obama signed into law this morning. Mr. Atkins focused on the consumer protection aspects of the law and was asked whether Wells Fargo should be considered “too big to fail”.


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