Berkshire Hathaway’s Culture of Trust

“Buffett trusts me so much with Berkshire’s money that I am even more careful in handling Berkshire capital than in handling my own.” — Bruce Whitman, former CEO of FlightSafety International Trust takes a long period of time to fully

Video Interview With Berkshire Hathaway’s Ajit Jain Via New Delhi Television

In a very rare video interview, Ajit Jain sat down with New Delhi Television earlier this week and commented on a variety of subjects including the most important aspect of his job at Berkshire Hathaway: How to intelligently think about risk. Read this post for a link to the video and some commentary.

Buffett: Berkshire’s Board Would Support Jain as Successor (But Jain’s Not Interested)

In a very unusual statement, Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett has revealed that Berkshire’s board of directors would almost certainly support Ajit Jain as the company’s next CEO if he wanted the position. However, Mr. Jain is apparently not interested in the position. Read this article for more details.


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