Amazon’s New Kindle: Priced as an iPad Accessory?

Rapid price deflation in the market for dedicated e-readers continued today as Amazon unveiled a new generation of its Kindle e-reader device. While the new Kindle features better e-ink technology and is smaller than the version it replaces, the most notable change is yet another cut in price. Amazon has introduced a Wi-Fi only device for $139 with the 3G wireless device remaining at $189. This comes only weeks after Amazon cut the price of the current Kindle version from $259 to $189 and announced that e-book unit sales now exceed hardcover sales. Read this article for more details.

Amazon Reports E-Book Sales Exceed Hardcovers; Where is the Tipping Point?

Has the tipping point been reached in the transition from printed hardcover books to e-books? It appears that this might be the case based on statistics released by in a press release today. According to the company, for every 100 hardcover books sold over the past month, 183 Kindle books were sold. This does not include free Kindle books but does include sales of hardcovers where there is no Kindle book equivalent.

The Rational Walk Available on Kindle

The Rational Walk Available on Kindle

I am pleased to announce the availability of The Rational Walk on Amazon’s Kindle e-reader wireless reading device. The Rational Walk Kindle Edition is available for $1.99 per month and includes a 14 day free trial. The Rational Walk and share revenue from the arrangement.


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