The Hazards of Talking to Strangers

“So, guys, how did the trip to Japan go? Did you get the software installed?” “It was great! The clients loved us and are super happy about the installation! The boss even took us out for dinner the last night

SEC Madoff Failures: Outlier or Systemic Problem?

The Securities and Exchange Commission has now admitted what has been obvious to anyone who has been paying attention over the past several months: Inspectors utterly failed to detect Bernard Madoff’s massive Ponzi scheme despite numerous warnings over a sixteen year period that something was amiss. The Wall Street Journal reported on the contents of the “executive summary” which was posted on the SEC site on September 2. Do these revelations point to a one time lapse in oversight or a systemic problem?

Sesame Street Explains Madoff Scandal

Last month, I spent some time trying to understand and explain the Madoff Scandal. In retrospect, I probably overcomplicated the situation and did not explain the scenario as clearly as this video! Very funny and worth watching …


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