Buffett Seizes Opportunities During Financial Crisis

We briefly examine three of Warren Buffett’s major investment moves during the financial crisis both in terms of results delivered for Berkshire and the impact of his statements and actions on market sentiment in general and the perceived stability of the investees in particular. Read the article for more details.

Rockefeller vs. Railroads: Regulatory Debate Heats Up in Washington

A debate over regulatory oversight of American railroads is heating up in Washington. A study report from the Senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation has found that major railroads are now financially stable and enjoy substantial pricing power. In light of improved conditions since the enactment of railroad deregulation in 1980, the report suggests that railroads should be under greater scrutiny in terms of pricing particularly as it relates to practices such as charging captive shippers higher rates than other shippers. The study has drawn a sharp rebuke from the Association of American Railroads. Read this article for more information and an interesting piece of trivia.


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