Highlights from Markel’s 2016 Annual Letter

Intelligent investors should be skeptical when reading about companies that could be the “next Berkshire Hathaway” or executives who resemble a “younger Warren Buffett”.  The reality is that very few companies have even a remote chance of replicating Berkshire’s 20.8

Getting In on the 50th Floor

The process of compounding wealth is best characterized by an interesting paradox:  What is very exciting to observe, in retrospect, over long periods of time can appear to be relatively dreary and dull while actually living through the process.  The

Markel Ventures Gains Momentum

“On the Markel Ventures front, in a word, the first nine months of 2016 were fantastic … our cyclical business has enjoyed strong revenues and earnings as the management team did a great job of making hay while the sun


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