Buffett “Feels Poorer” Based on Terms of Cadbury Deal

Buffett “Feels Poorer” Based on Terms of Cadbury Deal

In a CNBC interview this morning prior to the special meeting of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, Warren Buffett comments on a number of topics including the Obama Administration’s proposed bank tax. Mr. Buffett does not believe that banks are making “obscene profits” and companies that have already repaid TARP funds should not be forced to effectively pay for bailouts at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Read this article for more details and to view the video.

American Express Chairman on TARP Repayment and New Regulations

In a recent interview, American Express Chairman Ken Chenault offers his views on the overall economy, his company’s recent repayment of TARP funds, and proposed consumer protection regulations currently under discussion in Washington. View the video in this post.

US Bancorp CEO on TARP Repayment

CNBC interviewed US Bancorp CEO Richard Davis regarding his bank’s repayment of TARP funds. In addition, Mr. Davis talks about retiring the ten year warrants that were issued as part of the TARP arrangement and projects that US Bancorp will not need to issue additional FDIC insured debt.


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