Coca-Cola Tops Interbrand’s Global Brand Survey for 11th Consecutive Year

Branded products often suffer impairments during times of economic stress as consumers search for cheaper alternatives. However, the combination of attractive products and intelligent marketing can sustain brands even in a poor economic climate. Interbrand’s report covering the best global brands of 2010 suggests that the most entrenched brands have retained their position reasonably well while up-and-coming brands managed to make significant advances.

Toyota’s Recall Problems Illustrate Risks of Brand Erosion

Toyota’s Recall Problems Illustrate Risks of Brand Erosion

Toyota’s recalls in recent weeks have attracted a predictable amount of attention given the number of impacted vehicles on the road. Rarely a day goes by when Toyota’s latest woes are not reported on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and on television news reports. For a company that has built its reputation on safety and dependability, the recalls are particularly damaging. Read this article for more details.


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