Why Are Value Investors Willing To Share Ideas?

There is a healthy sense of skepticism among investors when faced with websites, blogs, newsletters, conferences and other sources of information that claim to offer investment ideas. After all, good investment ideas are valuable and rare. Why would anyone willingly share actionable ideas with others when doing so in a competitive environment could eliminate the opportunity? After all, even for successful paid sources of information, the profits to be made selling ideas may pale in comparison to the profit of keeping an idea to yourself and committing capital to the opportunity. We take a look at the question in this article.

Value Investors Find Fertile Ground in Indian Equities

India’s widely followed SENSEX index is approaching record high territory and many investors are once again looking at this rapidly growing emerging market as a potential source of future profits. With nearly 1.2 billion people, India is home to over seventeen percent of the world’s population and is expected to overtake China’s population in the coming decades. With a vibrant democracy, India’s growth is often less organized when compared to China’s authoritarian system. A recent article in The Economist characterized the rivalry as the “contest of the century” both because of border disputes and the race for economic dominance in Asia. Read this article for more details and a video with a prominent Indian value investor.

Francisco Parames To Speak at NYC Value Investing Congress

The Value Investing Congress has just announced that Francisco Paramès of Bestinver Asset Management will speak at the New York City Value Investing Congress scheduled for October 12 and 13. According to John Schwartz, co-founder of the Value Investing Congress, Mr. Paramès has been called “The Warren Buffett of Spain” due to his impressive historical returns. Read this article for more details.


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